Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Here It Comes

Wau, finally the three examination weeks had over. Hope there isn't any 大吉利是 "keyword" appear in the intranet within these two weeks..and i DON'T want it happens on me too!!

Triple L used to reserve the "good" stuff (drama~ books~"things to do") to do during the holidays. But seems I don't have any good drama to be watched during this holidays..but, there are at least 3 books are waiting to be read~hehe..the first one is about self-motivation..second and the third books are related to Advertising..heh~ Besides, will kacao Wee Jian to teach me to play piano for certain songs..he is too free recently~haha.Between, exercise is necessary during the weekend,lolz~ must fully use this holidays before the internship start ^^

Today, the lecturers and some of the staffs treated us Domino pizza, KFC, various "kuih-muih","Malay burger" (o_O) and drinks....and it was the first time I met with our new faculty Dean..(not toO new actually),haha,thanks so much for the appreciation :)

Before went to campus, i learnt to make the favorite "tong shui"(in Cantonese, a kind of chinese dessert)..the ingredients are barley,白果(dunno what's d english term) ,fu zhu(腐竹),tremella and little amount of sugar~ but i put too much fu zhu ~ ><
Once again, I am able to meet up with aunt before she goes back to Australia..There must have a chance for me to visit her at Australia in the future, to hug baby koala bear also~ says YES to it! ('' ,) v

Happy Holidays to those just finished their examination and all the best for those working friends.

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