Friday, 11 April 2008

1st Class Atmosphere, 3rd Class Service

In order to try the food and experience how "nice" is the lunch/dinner environment, 5 of us went to a looks nice and "comfortable feel" cafe (the name start with "B",so,pandai pandai know which cafe is it ) @t Jaya One~ Before went there, my impression toward this cafe is nice & wonderful. But it disappointed me right after I had my lunch there.

1st: The dining table is so UNTIDY, they didn't make sure the table is totally clean and tidy after the previous customers used it. Moreover, we discovered there is a fishbone on the floor~Thus, although there are so many decoration things put on the table,it spoiled my impression toward the hygiene of this cafe.

2nd: After the customers which next table to us had gone, the waitress didn't come and clean the dinning table as soon as possible, it is so disgusting. The point is, there is no any other customers except us.

3rd: The waitress was not sure what we had ordered. Besides,we just order the simple food. But it took almost more than half an hour to make it and serve to us ONE~BY~ONE,and mine was the LAST dish to be served~it is unbelievable SLOW! I wonder whether they get the pity Doly fish meat from Kuala Selangor after I ordered it. LoLz~~

4th: They using the cheap cup, some of the cups already have crack on it~swt, although the crack is very small,it is dangerous for customers who uses it!

I don't think I will have lunch or dinner at this "appear to be good and relaxing" cafe in the future. 0_o

Thanks for let me experienced the FIRST lousy service in such a good dinning place(Jaya One) ~

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