Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Lovely Day

Finally, I've gone through all the presentations and also submitted the last assignment by today~
feel a bit release~~~~

With tutor Ms Hasleena ('' ,)

Can See Chai Yen Already~ :)

After the last presentation, we went to Sushi King @t Section 14 to have lunch~
such a long queue and we need to wait for about 15 mins.. 0.o

Also, today is Johor public holiday(sultan's birthday)..Didn't realize it till my friend, Vincent mentioned it to me..

Before attending the second tutorial, I received a msg from my lovely 2nd aunt..saying that the eldest aunt will back from Australia
on this Thurs

So Surprise & HappY!!!! ^^

and aunt wanted me to keep it as secret(jz her,me and 2nd uncle knew..even my grandma also don't know about it,hehe) coz she wanna give everybody a big surprise~ ;)

wish to see her soon
- Welcome back to Malaysia ^^ ! -
Miss her so much!

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