Saturday, 7 June 2008

How Is Your Internship?

On the 2nd June morning.....

there were 3 interns from UTAR & one from UITM ready for their 3 and a
half months training @t BatesAsia. Due to that was the first time, they arrived Menara IGB earlier and welcome by the Bali feel environment.

....They are waiting for the managemen
assistant-Ms Viviene to assign them to their respective department and bring them to get into the office environment.

There is an intern named Triple L has been assigned to Client Handling Department.Her mentors(2 in a group) handling the 100 PLUS,Levis Jeans & Dockers, and Starhill accounts. Because of this department need to deal with clients' deadline and integrate with Creative department, the atmosphere is serious + stress during the necessary period.

Without a long time, 4 of them have been given their own extension phone number and personal email address. Between, like other staffs,each of them need to create a personal folder inside the company public folder so that it is convenient for them to share,put whatever necessary file or document on it.

~ * ~

The 1st thing that Triple L learnt about the Client Handling is the Job Requisition, Her 2nd mentor explained to her the function and the procedure, then she has to go and get the approval from Traffic Manager then photocopy to the related staffs~through this process, she get to know & recognize the staff's name and position.

1st day,nothing much to do, this Triple L online read newspaper(lolz),searching for some informative things, and have a look for the previous artworks,presentation slides, and docs in the staffs folders.In the evening, she was brought by her second mentor to Damansara Height to hand in the Levis Press Kit to a PR company. She treasure a lot as her mentor told her those useful information about advertising field when on the way to and back to office.

Although the official "knock off" hour is 5.30pm. Of course, the staffs and the interns never left the office on time, perhaps that 5.30pm is just for receptionist and minor of staffs gua~('' ,)Thus these 3 UTARrians went bk at 7pm++ on 1st day.

Btwn, there's a medium size koala bear in the Creative Dpt which makes that Triple L want to bring it home~~ Ehem....don't dream anymore~let's go bk home..


2nd.3rd.4th n 5th day~

Nice to know the other interns(came in a month in advance)which are Pei Wah(from USM,same dpt v Triple L), Kumutha(USM as well) and Joey, a funny girl from Taylor's and had lunch with them. They are so funny and helpful to 4 new interns..

Basically, this Triple L already learnt to use the scanning machine(and how to retrieve via network),comb & binding machine as long as the fax machine(sorry for the 1st blank fax doc that UTAR received from 3 of them,kekeke).Did the research for band profile and ppt slides.

She read through the WPP Annual Report 07 & creative briefs from Bates Singapore branch. The company has their own template for that. It is damn long and very detail than what she has done for previous uni assignments.

"Don't ever go bk on time if you wish to earn extra new knowledge"(by Ms Penny)is so true. On the 3rd day, after finished her task at around 6.30pm++, her mentor specially printed out the Print Ads, TVC & Radio steps and procedure charts and explained step by step for her, including the jargons they used.

~ * ~

After familiar with the job req, her mentor started to let her writes the Job Req and modify the C&B(after client already approved the cost estimate).. Besides, through helping mentor to search the pictures, she gets to know more image bank which never use before.

Thus, she is looking forward for the coming orientation and assignment that will given by Adrian Ng(GM for Bates 141) and continue learning....

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Hi, Im Hani and Im starting my internship at Bates soon. Kindly share with me your experience. Right now im clueless about what to wear or to bring on my first day. Please email me at if you can. Thanks in advace. Regards!