Sunday, 29 June 2008

Radio Script Recording @t Astro

On 27th June (Friday), I went for a radio script recording (three languages) together with my mentor and three language copywriters....I felt excited because this is the first time I step into Astro as well as go for radio script recording ^^

We went there at around 10am++. After registered ourselves at guardhouse and met with client, we are brought to the recording room by Sukhbir (AMP Account Executive). He is a humour guy,hehe..When stepped into the "Fridge"(so~~coooold~~ ><) recording roOm, the talents already there and prepared themselves to record the radio advertisement. Firstly,they record English version, Chinese version and last but not least, the Malay version. During the recording, the copywriter will let the talent know when their voice need to be louder, which sentence need to speak with excitement voice, the feeling and so on.."NG" quite many times, it is because they want the best outcome..after recorded the voice over and announcer voice,my mentor,the copywriter and client decided which pre-record special effect is best to be used in the radio ad..then,the sound engineer cut and modify on it and mix together with the sound effect..the whole recording and sound mixing took around 1 and half hour~

The client suggested to have lunch together at Astro cafeteria. The dishes were looked tasty and I finally ordered mix rice~not bad^^,it is far more different from normal cafeteria. During we having our lunch, Sukhbir shared something regarding to Astro with us, namely the staffs, how the AMP operates, the food in cafeteria and so on..He also kept joke with us, saying that our company Bali feel let him felt that he went into a kopitiam( the pantry there~~haha) so relax and nice, but when looked at our office(workstation),that is 2 different worlds in the company,kekeke~

AMP(consists of era fm, hitz fm, mix fm,
lite fm,sinar fm, X fresh fm and Thr fm)

Overall, I treasure the chance to go for radio script recording..I was told by my mentor which most probably she can bring me to the coming TVC shooting..i am looking forward for it..

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