Friday, 4 July 2008

Wonderful gathering & Sing K Moment @t The Curve

2nd July 2008 (Wednesday)
Time: 8pm ~ 12am
Venue: Little Penang Restaurant @t The Street & Red Box, The Curve
Matter: To have fun before Anne goes to UK to continue her Law course
People involved: Anne, Triple L, Xing Yi
Absentee: Emily

At d beginning....
We were excited for this wonderful day.Xing Yi & I went to The Curve at around 7pm+ to meet Anne. The bus was full of passengers all the way from MVC to Damansara. Everybody seems like sardine. Thus, I was standing on the bus for almost 35 minutes....swt(><|||).Luckily there was a seat for beauty Xing Yi as she wore high heels~haha..

After reached The Curve, we met with Anne at MPH.Yo~she changed her hairstyle! ^^After that we went to Little Penang to have drinks. It was a nice moment which we chat, joked and laughed all the way

In the middle....
We went to Red Box at 9pm. We can't bear with the attraction of buffet as three of us already hungry, fried rice, lou su fan (but the shape is slightly smaller than normal want),dishes,cakes....杀! The crispy chicken slices tasted delicious while other dishes were just so-so..and the lou su fan was oily~~~~ but our main point was SinG K..the quality of dishes weren't so important for us lah~ ^^

Anne "forced" us to sing solo for at least 1 song.hehe..I discovered my voice doesn't as well as before.(>0<)wuuuu.....(or I ate toO much?!) Besides, both of their voice were awesome!!!!So nice that I can finally sing K since last two semester and I enjoyed singing with Anne, and also dear Xing Yi,she really have good voice~^^

At the end....

We went back at 12am++. It means we gonna end the gathering..and the journey which back to home is always so short. When me and Xing Yi got off Anne's car, she gave each of us a present~~so surprise! and when I opened at home, it was a pink bible named" Pray for a Cure"(although it is a bible,it looks like usual English fiction book) and a letter for me. It is so touching and I like the present so much~(^^) thanks

Anne, hope that we can meet again before you go UK.
Miss you~


Anne = YuinYuin said...

yo Lili, you can sing too lar. just that day a bit off only LOL

it's so touching to know that you like the present! thank you! i give because i feel like giving. so you and xing yi don't feel bad lar! i didn't hope for a return^^

i will be back to muar next monday. and my a levels best friends are coming on sat and sun. may be we can have a yam cha session on sunday night again? oh ya, what time is your bus back to KL on sunday?

coc@ - ko@la said...

i think i ate too much at tht moment le~haha

sunday night? i can't make it, coz i will go bk KL in d afternoon ><
and I will go bk on 19th July。。