Saturday, 29 December 2007


I realised since Y2S1.. i always think about what to do in my holidays during study week and exam period..start to plan all those watch drama(mostly HK drama)?paint the town red? sing K? travel? Visit friends? yum cha with hometown old friends?so and so on.ARHHH..why like that?? why i give the priority to holidays rather than the exam paper that i going to sit for?haha (",)

Well, I felt lucky because my exam finished on 14th Dec which i able to rush back to Muar to attend my youngest uncle's wedding on 16th Dec. At the same time, i also have 3 weeks holidays after it. Wow, long time didn't attend wedding ceremony already. Thus i felt very happy as all relatives came back to Muar, it was very nice and able to meet all the cousins on that day.

The time fly by so fast, now is already 2nd week of holidays. What have i done? Watched a HK drama which i wanted to watch since pre-u ><..find secondary school friends..discussed smth with society group leader..sleeping..eating..watching newspaper(new +old)..went for Soft Skill some books..watched some Channel 8 dramas..joinned n so on.. When I write this blog, I'm at my uncle's house at KL....I am happy coz met up with Konnee as she will go to UTAR new campus (Kampar) to start her degree course. Also, i went Sungei Wang yesterday together with Peggie pei and milk bebe. Quite rush because i went there to meet them at noon and have to say goodbye before 6.30pm to rush back because after that I will go to "Tien Hou Gong" temple with family, then have dinner with uncle..a bit headache on that day..phiew.

What i am going to do in last week of holidays? Well, the confirmed plans were to straighten and trim my hair,meet Chien Yee to give her the poster, tidy my things+ buy food n snack..wao..In short, i am glad that i did not become a coach potato during holidays.

All the best for new semester !

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