Monday, 31 December 2007


*this post is a bit long..coz is overview ma^^ *

Today is the last day of 2007.. look back for this year~the happiness,sadness,hardness, relaxes n so on are mixed together. I had met many different kinds of people, experienced something new and learnt a lot. First, I get to know my ex- houseowner, Mr.& Mrs. Tan when i moved into their house. Well, during the 9 months that i stayed there, i also met nice housemates at downstairs. For Mr Tan, he is a successful man in his field. He always told me about the reality situation in work and what specifications and commitments that a person must have in life. Likes to joke with us yet serious when necessary..hehe. For Mrs Tan, she is a nice, humble, kind, patient and success working woman. Well, she gave me many useful guidances and advises which i treasure a lot. Mr Tan & Mrs Tan reinforce the high quality living style but didn't show off to outsiders. Also, they helped me a lot during that time. A piece of "Thank You" is not enough to show my appreciation towards them. ^^

In this year, i take part in some activities which open my mind. The society event and responsibility make me know how work well with different team members. After take part in the Kancil Advertising Unplugged 07, i met students from different Uni and Coll. Thay are very talented and creative. After the event, I felt swt and questioned myself : am i able to compete with them when i graduate? There are many things that i need to improve. Besides, they are really very pro in this Advertising field, those students are much more brave and active compared with us. Thus, it is necessary for us to create our -edge- NOW!!

I met many foundation juniors during May Orientation 07 as i helped in Mass Call registration for Science Stream new students. On that day, I worked under 1 team together with Konnee, Wei Ling and Jia Ling.Even now i still keep in touch with them. I want to talk about Konnee(hehe,sorry ya Konnee,hv to mention you again^^).Well, in normal situation, both of us are almost impossible to get to know each other before the Mass Call. 1stly, we study in different venue, one taking Mass Comm(PC) while another is taking foundation(FICT). 2ndly, we stay at different area which hardly to meet each other. Well, i jz realised that my uncle and auntie knew her family for a long time. Her father even work at the same place with my uncle..what a coincidence~~;) Don't forget our outing day oh(although 3 of u will study at Kampar in 2008 onwards) In short, although they are my junior, we able to mix well and i appreciate this senior+junior friendship!:)

Lolz.. in 2007, im not that HaRdWorkINg as Y1S1.>< Became lazy a bit n slept more(well, not OVER).

In the coming 2008, I want to be more serious in studies but at the same time- enjoy more. Hehe. I need to maintain my CGPA because that's what i promised to myself since Y1S1. Always believe you can do it! ~ Is all about how you think~ Besides, i wish can learn more and experience more in the year of 2008. Always in good health ^^ and attend more soft skill programmes to develop myself.

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L.W.Jau Yn said...

Happy New Year. ^^ Old things will leave and let the new take over. Cheers and of course be happy!