Saturday, 29 December 2007


Finally,I have created my "second" blog. hehe..I had signed up the 1st blog under and so excited to customize and even create a title for my lovely blog..however, that's nothing inside this blog ><. When friends asked me about the latest update of my blog, my excuses are: not free, busy for assignments,blah blah blah..lolz..Anyway, that's true that I really don't have time to write and update something in my blog at that moment, and the worst thing is....i forgot the log in username and password when i want to add some craps on it....

Although I have no time to write something on my blog, I "have time" to view friends, previous lecturer and others' blog..hehe. From their blog, i get to know more about them,how interesting their life is,and so on. Thus, it is interesting and fun..

I hope i will not going to have 3rd account for *-BloG -* ..(* *)

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