Saturday, 8 March 2008

Nice Photos

I'm interested in searching for good and meaningful photos since this Chinese New Year~
I used to exchanged the pic/songs/video in hp with my JB cousin~ In her hp, I found out that she actually has lots of nice photos..and all these photos were cames with meaningful wording or copy that touched me a lot.

So, I start to crazy for these kind of photos and intend to find out more such photos through internet. Finally, i found out these 2 websites : . There are lots of different categories of photos. Among those photos, I prefer to collect for photos that related to "feeling" .. :p

Besides the colour photoss, you can also find for black & white (黑白迷恋)photos in this website.. It's simple yet able to bring out the feeling of photographer.

I ESPECIALLY like those photos with no wording. Why huh~~
it's because it allows me to have more imagination towards the photos.. i can imagine the implicit msg that the photographer wish to convey, what was his/ her feel when capturing that photo.. also, I can personalize that particular photos by adding in my own feeling in the photos.

Lolz..I was getting excited & mad (nearly gua) when I found many these kind of photos(without wording) in my friend's laptop.. Through viewing those photos, I already planned what kind of description I want to add on to those photos,hehe.. ^^ Not only for myself to keep but also can give to someone special. It's nice, won't cost you too much yet can show your sincerity ( by adding in whatever description you would like to say)

Here are some of the photos which I would like to share with all~


Commonly Cheap said...

I agree that I appreciate the photos without the words. It allows me to interpret it in my own way. Lovely post.

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coc@ - ko@la said...

Thanks for your comment
I've read your blog, it's something different from others :)