Sunday, 16 March 2008

Wonderful Packaging

Look at the picture below..

do you guys know what kind of product is it? Isn't it looked like a biscuit packaging?

I intend to buy some biscuits to bring to Penang last week~
When saw this packaging, there aren't obvious label it is a candy product, and the overall design really will give us a feeling that it is biscuit packaging.

But after open the packaging, lolz.. is actually candies~~ 0_o

What I can say are: this packaging is very "nice" ya.. coz is really fully used the packaging material

- There are 2 "tearable" bookmarks on the surface of the box
- It is a on-packs packaging which they put the free hp hanger outside the box, thus we can see it without open the plastic cover

clever design~

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