Sunday, 16 March 2008

Adwave 08' @t Penang

Due to we has been selected as 1 of the finalist for Adwave Sloggi Autumn 08' Advertising & Event Campaign Competition, we need to ge to USM, Penang to do a presentation and at the same time to attend the launching day.

We went to Penang on last Friday (14th March) and stayed 2 nights over there..all the expenses were borne by ourselves. Due to the Penang bridge accident, we couldn't visit the finalist artworks exhibition and award ads by various advertising agencies (but believed alr seen during the Kancil Advertising Unplugged 07)

After reached the hotel,we went to Gurney Drive and Gurney Plaza by bus.. At the same time, there was a demonstration near KOMTAR.. and we coincident need to change bus at there~ luckily we all were fine.

at Gurney Drive

During the Launching Day of Adwave 08', all the UTAR finalists met together and as well as other finalists from various Uni or colleges.. I was nervous when seeing quite a number of audiences attended the launching day. But I did try my best to present and I think it is better than the mock presentaion during SPD lecture :p

At USM hall

Welcoming Ceremony

1st time presenting in front of so many ppl

W.Yong is presenting the campaign expenditures

Finally, UTAR UIS group successfully to grab back the RM6000 (grand winner). Congratulations and it bring up UTAR's name! ^^

Thanks to Chia Ming, which helped me a lot in getting to know more about the location and hotel, brought us to have supper, go around Penang(although not ALL the places), watched the movie 2gether with us and fetched us to Penang bus stop on the day we go bk to KL~ Long time didn't see you, still the same as before, like to "炸" people without special facial expression~haha ^^

Me, Chai Yen and Woan Yong :)

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