Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Differences between you and them

I went to an orphanage house at Melaka on last Saturday, together with Shin and members from a church. We had divided into two groups- ice breaking group which form by children
and medication group by adults. Thus, shin and I were under medication group.

After arrived to the orphanage house, the orphans were happy and welcomed us with their warmness smile + shared hand with us. The children got down the bus and line up at playground
and we took the medication box to upstairs. Without wasting too much time, we set up all the materials and utensils. I was there to measure female orphans' height.

During the process, we thought some of the female orphans were boy due to their boyish hair style and "t- shirt + short pants” look..We only realized the truth after they have registered themselves! Besides, there were some children brought by their parents (outsiders) to come and have medical checkup as well.

I noticed the differences between children who came with parents and the orphans~
~ Orphans only have “needs”, no “wants” – very short hair (no matter girl o boy), t-shirt and short pants
~ Children like us can demand for accessories from parents, such as hair accessories, beautiful bags, cute bear/ dolls, nicely skirts, so and so on..Some of their shoes were much more beautiful than mine (‘’.)Also, they can have good food, delicious snacks and so on..
~How about the orphans? The simple but sincere visit and caring are good enough to make them laugh, happy and contented.. They might not know the wonderful life outside there..But, the environment formed them to became contented, happy without much “wants”

So, we mustn’t think that we have bad life/luck just because of cannot get something that we desire. Sometimes we might not get the best things in life but, think of them...we will then realize that all of us are so lucky to stay in our own house, have our own room, own bed and so on.

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Anne = YuinYuin said...

i think it's the human nature to take things for granted. we always didn't appreciate what we have had or having. most of the time, we only realize how fortunate we were when we have those stuffs. it can be food, things, and even people...

it's kind of sad but it's really good to see this post of yours! I just pray that many will visit your blog and read this post. this post can be a mirror to many of us