Saturday, 6 September 2008

Applause to Money Not Enough II (钱不够用2)

Recently there are many good movies on screen
I've watched Wall-E, Ghost House, and La Lingerie.. the past two weeks
Two of the movies above were free tickets
And, we end our internship with Money Not Enough II

Among these movies
Wall-E brought a great impact to me
It is a good movie with satire of people's action to the environment;technology in the future,
robot's love and so on..

For Money Not Enough II,
I used to like Jack Neo's movie
due to his movie is so close to us as long as our life
Well, this is a funny + sad movie

Once you watched it,
you can see most of the senior citizens
will face variety of problems,
such as sickness, ignorance of son/daughter,
helpless and so on..

They don't want to be like that
Who willing to see their lovely children fail in business;
get into trouble (finance + own family) when take care of them;
They don't want to become a burden of son/daughter..
Elder people actually can sense and feel how their son/daughters treat them
Whether they really care for parents;
talking something bad behind them;
don't want to let old parents stay in the house
just because of FACE problem....

They know,yet they didn't voice out
It is because they love their children so much
These elder people..
..don't want children fight and unhappy with each other because of them

Hence, they always keep quiet and pretend know nothing
They just accept whatever the son/daughter did for them.. matter is good or BAD

I was so impressed by the scene which
..the older brother (Yang Bao Hui) send his mother.. old folks home and quickly run back with saddest heart

How HURT it is !

Although this movie entitled "Money Not Enough"..
It actually projected more on the relationship between kin
Overall, this is another good movie..
..which worth your ticket fee = P
I'm looking forward for more quality movies from Jack Neo

A true storyteller

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