Thursday, 25 September 2008

Wonderful Moment @t Little Cafe

Once again, we had a gathering before Anne go abroad to UK to continue her Law course. Five of us (Anne,Xing Yi, Chien Yee, me and dear)went to Little Cafe for this gathering..She "specially" chose Little Cafe as our gather venue..i was no idea which one and where this cafe is >_< haha =)

We had dinner and snack at the first place --> special farewell and birthday present for Anne--> chat+ laugh-->sewing lesson by Anne (Chien Yee the only student :p)--> picture taking-->second round snack-->playing UNO game~hehe.

I am glad that Anne likes the present, we had considered many types of present which she can bring to UK~ finally we found this present and we pretty sure she will bring it to UK, doesn't she? haha ^^

Well, we will be seeing the main character: ~Anne~ again in September 2009~~~~~ 1 year from now,swt..Anyway, it is understood and i hope we can meet up with her "soon"

Me & Anne

Anne & Chien Yee

Xing Yi & Anne

Dear & me

Farewell + birthday present =)



Anne = YuinYuin said...

hur? you didn't know where Little Cafe was? okay....hahaha

yea, i like Little Cafe as we really had privacy. the only thing that makes it imperfect was our noisy 'neighbour' lar :p

thanks for the present. Was thinking of getting something like that! you guys can read my mind! hahaha.... will bring over, use it, take picture and load it on my blog one day^^

oh ya, i delay my flight to 3rd of Oct due to my visa.

one year pass in a blink of eyes if you didn't go and count it. I'll see you all again in 2009 yea?

gonna miss you guys!!!

P/S : am glad that you found a nice bf^^

coc@ - ko@la said...

Bon Voyage to you ~ muz take care ya

Oops~thanks =)