Monday, 28 January 2008


Once again, i hv to go Sg Wang & Times Squares due to there are somethings which need to buy..Besides, my another purpose is looking for a pair of suitable first,i intended to buy so-called "wa wa shoes"..but some of the friends around me have bad experience of wearing this type of shoes~~Thus, after wondering few times, i changed my more wa wa shoes for this year. Coz i dun want my foot get hurt coz of shoes, i HATE scar!!!!

We went into so many shoes shops~Vincci,Nose,Voir,Mooc(dun know spell correct o not),and so on~~ still couldn't find a pair of favorable shoes. I realised only those white high heels are able to attract my attention^^, for me,white colour shoes is much more easier to match with my clothes.

Then,we went into a shop called "D.N.U Fashion". A pair of high heels with ribbon(white colour as well) attracted me.. However, after i wore it and looked at the mirror, it looks like WEDDING high heels T_T..and looks extremely formal as well. No wonder Pei asked: "wa,you wear this for your wedding day ah??"Haha..lolz

FINALLY, i bought another high heels in that shop,well,is not white colour!! Like it very much (" ,)

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