Thursday, 10 January 2008


2day is public holiday, didn't go out have fun. I spending the whole day to do my own things, and i read some friends' blog. I almost spent more than 1 hour to read my cousin's blog (yet can't finish reading all). I believe that "if you want to know more about a person, view her/his blog..especially if he or she is active in writing n updating the blog". There are something happened on her previously.I felt sad and down when reading her blog.

Just bought a Birthday card for my dearest aunt at tuesday is her birthday but i cannot celebrate with her..>< Thus i insert my greeting into a birthday card envelope n hope it can reach there in time :) love her so much!

Besides, this sunday will be my shopping day, to buy new clothes,shoes and so on.Otherwise i guess i hv no much time for shopping. I'm waiting for my PTPTN,when will "you" visit my account? "Someone"is waiting for you by next week..(^^)

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